Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Faith Confirmed - Preparing for Confirmation

Our Faith Confirmed season at St Chad's will run upto the Confirmation service, to be held on Sunday 17th December, and beyond into the New Year. During this time we will be using a wonderful book written by Peter Jackson and Chris Wright, 'Faith Confirmed - Preparing for Confirmation'.

 Copies of the book will be available to those who are attending the Confirmation Classes. It will also be useful to get a copy if you would like to revisit elements of the Christian Faith that you are unsure about, or feel you would like to spend time reflecting on.

Introduction from ‘Faith Confirmed’ by Peter Jackson and Chris Wright

'When we confirm something we say yes. At confirmation we say yes to Jesus’ call to follow him on our journey through life. We confirm our faith in him. Parents and godparents will usually have said yes for us when we were babies and unable to speak for ourselves at baptism, but confirmation give us the chance to say yes.

We have all had the experience of betting lost. This can happen because we have either no map or an inadequate one, or because our direction finder isn’t working properly. Confirming our faith in Jesus is like deciding to travel through life with a really accurate map or effective direction finder. This book aims to help you become familiar with the main feature of the ‘Christian map’.

On the contents page you will find its landmarks. Some of these will be familiar to you and others new. Although it will make sense if you read the book on your own, we hope you will share it with others. Just as planning a journey is more fun when you discuss it with others, so Christianity makes more sense when it’s experience and lived with other people. We hope also that you will refer back to this guide after your confirmation. On long journeys, we have to keep on checking our directions. To carry the ‘journey’ picture a bit further: why not see confirmation as a time to take stock of where you have come from and seek God’s help in preparing for what lies ahead?'

If you would like a copy to read at home the details are:
  • Paperback: 144 pages
  • Publisher: SPCK Publishing; 2 edition (1 Jan. 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0281064237
  • ISBN-13: 978-0281064236
The book is available as a paperback from the  publisher and also in digital format and costs £9.99. Illuminate Bookshop in Shrewsbury will also be able to order you a copy.

Come! Follow Christ in the footsteps of St Chad

For details on our 'Faith Confirmed'  series of talks, classes, sermons and groups for Harvest, Advent and Christmas 2017-18 click here.

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